WH-BU Brazing Unit

​High capacity brazing tongs for the brazing of copper section. Also for large cross sectional welding of multiple wires with silver solder as a melting agent

This unit comprises of a small portable main control box, connected to which, via suitable leads, is a pair of brazing tongs. These tongs are purpose built with special carbon brushes. By inserting copper strips between the carbon tips and depressing the robust operating button, brazing temperature can be reached within a few minutes.

Straight or angled tongs are available


  • Compact, making the unit easily portable for site work
  • Can be plugged into a normal 13 amp socket. (No special supply needed)
  • Isolated transformer used for safety.

Technical Data

Electrical supply:
240V single phase 50Hz 13amp

Brazing capacity:
Can braze copper strip up to a maximum cross sectional area of 200mm2

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