Test Panels

Whitelegg manufacture a large range of AC only or AC and DC test panels for electric motors. Designed to run the motor after rewind or servicing. Can be combined with a dynamometer for load testing of motors.

  • Very high specification
  • Modular construction to suit the client's test requirements and budget
  • Choice of soft start or inverter to bring the motor up to speed.
  • Choice of tapping for different motor voltages or variac
  • Digital Volt and Ammeter
  • Choice of models for motors up to 1000 kW
  • Optional flash tester for proofing motor integrity before connection to the panel
  • Optional integration with Dymanic Analyser to monitor motor whilst its running providing analysis of the mains voltage, motor and load if connected. Provides data for: motor efficiency, cos, rotary speed, torque, power consumption and much more
  • Optional vibration analyser
  • Iptional load testing

Also available in Bench format:

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