Latest Wire Forming Machine Installation

New 4mm capacity CFM-440-TWS Wire Forming and Butt Welding Machine installed at a lampshade factory in France. Existing customer decided to upgrade to the latest technology to help accuracy and consistency of production for a very busy factory.

With a wire range of 2-4mm and maximum ring diameter of 1000mm, the latest CFM-440-TWS proves a success.

Productivity in increased and accuracy improved to make subsequent assembly processes much easier.

The machine features new technology that greatly improves the ring forming process and consistency to ensure round, flat rings every time.

The wire rings are produced from coil, formedcut and automatically butt welded using the latest pulse welding technology

For ongoing service and support, the machine is fitted with an IOT device that allows our factory access to the machine 24/7 with automatic logging of any issues or performance changes. The monitoring allows Whitelegg the possibility to warn the customer if we see unusual changes in parameters