Electric Motor

Electric Motor Rewind and Repair

MTC2 R7 Automatic Electric Motor Analyser
Hand Tools and Accessories for Electric Motor Repair and Manufacture
IBH Bearing Heaters
3F Combined Stator and Armature Winding Machine
Armature Banding Device
Automatic copper stripping and cutting machine
BLC Blast Cleaner
Burn-off Ovens
BVB Hand Operated Coil Winding Machines
CAW Heavy Duty Coil Winding Machine
CCM Component Cleaning Equipment
CEM01 Manual Coil Extracting Machine
CE-M-02 Coil Extracting Machine
CEM Hydraulic Coil Cut Off and Extraction Machine
Coil Stripping Chisels
Coil winding fixtures and arbors
Combi Series Combined Electric Burn off and Curing Ovens
Commutator stones and brushes
Commutator TIG Welder - Vertical
DEM Stator Cut Off and Extracting Machine
PCU - Undercutting Tool
Dynamometers - Eddy Current
FTB Tensioning and De-reeling Units
GLP1 High Voltage Testers
GLP2 High Voltage Testers
GR1/2 Heavy Duty Hand Held Growler
GR3/4 Armature Growlers
Guillotines for Cutting Insulation Materials
HAP Pneumatic Coil Spreading Machines
HAR-1 Hydraulic Coil Spreading Machine
HB-01 Pneumatic Hairpin Bender
HCM-390 Medium Duty Coil Winding Machine with Tailstock
HCM Heavy Duty Coil WInding Machine
HCM Medium Duty Coil Winding Machines
HHG Growlers
HN Light Duty Coil Winding Machines
Hydraulic Coil Press
ICM1A Folding Device
ICM1 B&C Insulation Folding Devices
ICM-1 Insulation Creasing and Cutting Machine
ICM-2 - Insulation Creasing and Cutting Machine
IMPREG Impregnation Tanks
IMPREG-M Impregnation Tanks
IS-5 Large Heavy Duty Wire Insulation Stripper
KOS - Undercutting Tool
Large Curing Ovens
Motatest 1 Multi-Function Tester for Electric Motors
Motatest 2 - 3kV Multi-function Surge Tester for electric motors
Motatest Dynamic
MX Loop Winding Machines
Partial Discharge Testing
QH-150 Hairpin Edge Bending Machine
RENU Impregnation Device
RHD Rotor Handling Device
RJW Hydraulic Power Press/Puller
SAW-01 Automatic Coil Winding Machine
SAW-02 Automatic Coil Winding Machine
SAW-03 Automatic Coil Winding Machine
Stator Holding Rings
Stator Lifting Table - SLT-1500-TT
SU-1 Rotor Checker
Superblast Multi-Function Cleaning Plant
Superclean Dry Ice Blaster
Test Panels
THPG AC Flash Tester
TPC Test console
Trickle Impregnation Plants
UCM - Automatic Undercutting Machines
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation/ Vacuum Impregnation
VARIOMAT-V Hydraulic Drawing Out Devices
WAS2 Floor Standing Insulation Stripper
WHHPK Hydraulic Puller/Pusher Kits
WHHPS Range of Individual Hydraulic Bearing Pullers
WHSCC-01A - 01B - 01C Stator Coil Cut Off Machines
WHSCC-01 Stator Coil Cut Off Machine
WHSCC-03 Stator Coil Cut off Size 3
IMPREG - RTD Pneumatic Varnish Dip Tanks
2COV Electric Curing Ovens
WHBU Brazing Unit
Coil Winding Fixtures, Arbors and Wire Tensiong for Electric Motor Coils

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