Vacuum Impregnation and Curing Oven Install

The latest generation of equipment has just been installed at a customer plant in eastern Europe.

The 1000mm x 800mm Vacuum Impregnation plant is pre-assembled for easy installation and commissioning at the customer's factory

Here it will be used in a production environment for motor coils. It is a fully automatic plant with process control. In this case thermal management of the storage is also a features to keep the resin at a constant temperature to improve the impregnation quality and the resin life.

The curing oven has internal dimensions of 200 x 200 x 200cm and features an automatic motorised loading trolley with Bluetooth control. PLC program allows full control of the curing process: Curing menus, heating ramps, step heating (up to 3 different temperatures), temperature/time graphs display, storage and printing (over external printers or local network).
Total, average and instant energy/power consumption, active alarms and alarms log, etc.

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