HAV Concentric Vice for holding lamination packs or winding cores

Heavy duty vice for clamping a variety of winding cores. Fitted to the winding machine faceplate or shaft. An additional unit may be supplied for machines with tailstocks

This vice is made of nodular cast iron with high mechanical resistance and is, therefore, very steady, sturdy and highly precise even with high clamping forces. This material is well-known for absorbing winding vibrations which could damage the workpiece, while ensuring accurate finishes and a high degree of precision. The main feature of this vice is the concentric closing of the two moving jaws, which guarantees the centering of the workpiece in relation to the vice centre. The vice comes with 4 clamping brackets and the reversible ratchet spanner for workpiece clamping.

Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 Model 4 Model 5
Max dist. between clamps 200 mm 270 mm 370 mm 430 mm 500 mm
Clamp height 47 mm 52 mm 52 mm 57 mm 57 mm
Clamp width 100 mm 125 mm 150 mm 175 mm 200 mm

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