HCM Heavy Duty Coil WInding Machine

The HCM is a well-built and robust heavy duty coil winding machine with cast iron frame. Available in two version with or without bed and tailstock

  • Ideally suited for the winding of electric motor field coils for motor up to approximately 1000 kW. It is equally suited for the winding of transformer coils up to 600 kg
  • Model HCM-410 has headstock only, model HCM-420 has low level bed and tailstock
  • Heavy Duty cast iron frame - very robust.
  • The machine is driven by a three phase motor with inverter Speed range is 0-370 rpm in six gear ranges via a heavy duty gearbox where tempered steel gears run in an oil bath. The correct torque can therefore be selected for each job.
  • The maximum torque is 6375 Nm at 5 rpm.
  • The maximum speed can be set by a panel mounted potentiometer.
  • The machine is supplied with a foot pedal for independent speed control up to the maximum preset on the potentiometer.
  • The machine is fitted with a electronic digital revolution counter with pre-selection so that it will slow down before the final revolution count is reached and, with the aid of an electric brake, stop at a precise angular position. This is particularly useful when winding sets of field coils, and the operator is always able to obtain the cross-over in the correct position.
  • For transformer winding an optional multi stop microprocessor can be fitted in order to stop the winding operation for each tapping.
HCM410 HCM420
Max coil diameter 1900 mm 1900 mm
Speed ranges 5, 16, 40, 48, 140, 373 5, 16, 40, 48, 140, 373
Max coil length 300 mm 2000 mm
Max coil weight 150 kg 600 kg
Dimensions 80 x 65 x 140 cm 600 kg 350 x 80 x 140 cm 1100kg


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