MTC 2 Surge Testers

Advanced automatic high precision electrical winding testers for testing products like alternators, stators, transformers, armatures and motors. Available as static or portable units from 6-50 kV.

MTC 2 Surge Testers

  • Featuring manual and automatic modes. Manual is ideal for repair and maintenance tests.
  • Models from 3kV-50kV
  • All standard leads carried out with one set of leads - no need to re connect when changing from surge to resistance tests
  • Automatic mode allows all the selected tests to be carried out in one operation with an automatic fail/pass indication for the operator.
  • Optional integrated ambient temperature compensation for accurate resistance testing
  • Optional integrated 6000v AC HV test
  • Optional integrated partial discharge test up to 20kV
  • Optional integrated bar to bar tester for DC motors
  • Optional integrated remote access package allows on line remote assistance and software upgrades

The MTC2 is the most flexible high quality surge tester available today. Ideally suited to service, maintenance and production requirements, the MTC2 offers an unparalleled range of test functions.


  • electric motor service
  • electric motor repair
  • stator test
  • armature test
  • squirrel cage rotor test
  • series production for electric motors
  • coil production
  • high-voltage motors
  • alternators
  • wind power
  • oil platforms
  • military
  • electric motors for vehicles

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