SU-1 Rotor Checker

For ‚Äčtesting the quality of squirrel cage rotors bars, this simple to use tester is the ideal cost effective choice.

  • Proven reliability combined with rugged construction keeps the tester operating in the shop or field.
  • Hardware allows a quick but precise determination of the kind of damage and its location when the rotor is removed from the stator.
  • Special test probes used for fault location
  • Detects voids, blowholes and partially or completely broken bars or end rings
  • The test solution is based on a special power supply, a display unit and a set of

    electromagnetic sensors. The test system consists of more than one set of probes to

    cover a wide range of rotor sizes and slot widths. The sensors are set on the rotor

    surface in pairs. This allows a step by step testing of each bar of the rotor and therefore

    precise fault determination and location. During the test there is no danger of test

    piece damage to the user. Sensors: 2-3 sets of probes Display unit: Digital Storage

    Oscilloscope with serial and parallel printer ports. Outputs: 3 Inputs: 3 Dimensions: 59

    x 21 x 44 cmWeight: 16 kg. Supply: 220-240 V / 50 Hz, max. 350mA

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