CEM Hydraulic Coil Cut Off and Extraction Machine

For removal of coils from stators and rotors. The CEM range is the most efficient, safe and practical machine on the market.

  • For electric motor rotors ...and stators
  • With cut-off head attachment
  • One machine for two operations
  • Completely clean cutting and pulling
  • Housing and lamination damage is completely eliminated
  • Stator warmer loosens coils and insulation—no chemicals
  • Only machine to offer foot lever hydraulic operation. This precise and instant control of the extracting process ensure minimal lamination damage
  • Rotor attachment simply clamped onto table
  • Built in hoist greatly helps handling of heavy machines
  • 4 models in our range for stators up to 1500 mm diameter
  • Only machine to offer motor driven stator clamping for large stators
  • Machines supplied with a range of gripping tongs for different types
  • Machines supplies with a set of 22 cutting discs of different dfiameters

High operator safety + Minimal damage to stator laminations + very fast motor stripping cycle = The best coil cut off and extraction machine

Model Description
CEM02 Max turntable diameter 600 mm, 1100 kg hydraulic extracting power
CEM03 Max turntable diameter 850 mm, 3500 kg hydraulic extracting power
CEM04 Max turntable diameter 1200 mm, 5100 kg hydraulic extracting power
CEM05 Max turntable diameter 1500 mm, 5100 kg hydraulic extracting power


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