ICM-1 Insulation Creasing and Cutting Machine

The ICM range of Double Creasing Machines are designed for the production of slot liners and slot closures from all types of insulation material such as Elephantide, Presspan, Mylar etc.

This robust creasing device, made with a heavy duty cast iron base, is ideal for electric motor repair workshops of all sizes.

Two creasing rollers can be adjusted easily using the calibrated scale provided.

The depth of the crease is adjustable by thumb nuts which press onto the floating creasing shaft.

Two guides are provided so that the creasing can be centralised in relation to the material width.

Maximum insulation width: 200mm

Strip length: unlimited

Insulation thickness: 0.15mm-0.8mm

Net dimensions 210 x 300 x 220mm

Net Weight 9kg

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