IMPREG-M Impregnation Tanks

For impregnation of electric motor coils with resin, motorised version with storage tank and immersion tank.

Suitable for use with a wide range of varnish including trickle and water based types. The varnish is pumped back into the storage tank after the part has been immersed. Fumes are kept away from the operator. The sealed storage tank prevents solvent loss and maintains varnish in the best condition. Once the storage tank is filled. The lid of the immersion tank is lifted and the job lowered in. The pump is then switched on and the varnish is pumped into the tank. Very simple operation providing the best results.

IMPREG-M-A 1.0m internal size, 1000 litre capacity

IMPREG-M-B 1.2m internal size, 1728 litre capacity

IMPREG-M-C 1.5m internal size, 3375 litre capacity

IMPREG-M-D 2.0m internal size, 6000 litre capacity

Pump flow rate:

10 gallons (45 litres) per minute 

Power requirements:

Pump motor: 415V, 3 ph. + neutral; 10 amps /phase. Fan Motor 240V, 1 phase; 5 amps.

Product Size Diagram

Impreg-M-A Impreg-M-B Impreg-M-C
a width mm 1700 1750 2015
b depth mm  1610 1840 2000
c height mm 1745 2075 2330
d overall height mm 2120 2685 3015
Weight kg 640 1100 2150
Immersion tank capacity - litres 1000  1728 3375
Useable internal dip tank dimensions cm 100 x 100 x 108 118 x 118 x 125 136 x 136 x 137

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