Motatest 2 - 3kV Multi-function Surge Tester for electric motors

The Motatest 2 for electric motors is a truly universal tester. The benefits are remarkable. The user can perform from a great variety of tests via a compact design with universal application features. The Motatest 2 can be used for many different tests on stators, armatures, coils, electric motors and transformers. It can be used manually or automatically. The operator can connect all of the leads and run an automatic sequence of the desired test methods with the tester providing a clear GO/NOGO result. Test data can be uploaded to a PC for printing and storage via the Printcom software.

The following testing methods are integrated into the terster:

  1. turn-to-turn by probe,
  2. inductivity
  3. surge test. 3kV at 100nF
  4. high-voltage test DC, 50-6000V max 3mA
  5. polarization index & DAR
  6. insulation resistance 50-6000V, 1M-100GOhm
  7. PE-resistance test, 200mA DC 0-1 Ohm
  8. neutral-zone test for DC motors,
  9. sense of rotation test of the rotary field,
  10. stator and armature turn to turn faults
  11. resistance test. 0,001-499KOhm
  12. Impedence
  13. Capacitance
  14. RIC test

The Motatest is therefore an innovative testing device, allowing a great number of useful test methods - everything integrated in one device. It is the ideal tool for electrical engineering, motor maintenance and production. Integrated into a sturdy carry case for protection of the tester in all conditions both in and away from the factory.

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