RJW Hydraulic Power Press/Puller

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Extraction Press/ Puller. For the removal and pressing of bearings/shafts etc. Three models available 25 tons, 50, tons and 100 tons.

  • Easy to use - one man operation
  • Accurate force direction
  • Component removal with minimum damage
  • Vertical height adjustment
  • Choice of hydraulic ram power (110v or 240 v)
  • Additional special purpose equipment available to expand press capability i.e. strong back, half moon feet and support trolley
  • 25,000 kg, 50,000 kg  and 100,000 kg version also available
  • Larger units available on request up to 500 tons

Technical Specification - RJW50 and RJW-100

Width 1,450 mm
Length 760 mm
Ram Single acting, spring return
Ram Travel 450 mm
Ram Pressure 50 Tons (nominal) at 10,000 psi. Or 100 Tons with RJW-100
Ram Height Min. 390 mm max. max 1,400 mm
Travel time ( min to max height) 6 ½ minutes
Arm length adjustable 230 mm-1,000 mm
Diameter adjustable 200 mm– 1,000 mm

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