FTH Heavy Duty De-reeler and Tensioner

This pay off drum stand is designed for heavy duty applications where large spool sizes and relatively high tensions are required

The pay-off drum stand consists of a fabricated steel frame with cantilever arms joined by a

substantial torque tube. The arms are raised and lowered by a hydraulic ram which is

pneumatically operated via a footswitch. Four fixing holes are included to enable it to be

fixed to the floor.

The drum is mounted to the drum shaft by means of cones to accept a range of drum hole

sizes. This shaft also carries the back tension brake, comprising of a brake drum onto which

a brake band operates. Tension adjustment is provided via an air cylinder connected to a

pressure regulator and switch.

Maximum drum diameter: 1200mm

Minimum recommended drum diameter: 500mm

Maximum drum width: 600mm

Maximum drum weight: 1000Kg

Drum shaft diameter: 32mm

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