Commutator TIG Welder - Vertical

Representing the very latest technology, processing enhancements and safety features, the TIG Vertical represents the pinnacle of commutator welding

  • Completely enclosed welding operation for safety
  • Monitoring of the working area via magnifying camera and LCD screen
  • Micrometric positioning of the welding torch
  • Stepper motors used for very accurate positioning
  • Constant cleaning of the weld area via brushing unit
  • Powerful fume extraction ensure operator safety
  • Superb control of the weld finish with spot, long spot and bar jump programs to suit every commutator
  • Three models in the range
Model 60 Model 900 Model 1500
Armature core diameter 80-600 mm 100-900 mm 150-1500 mm
Commutator riser diameter 0-500 mm 100-1000 mm 120-1400 mm
Commutator riser height 0-200 mm 0-200 mm 0-250 mm
Shaft length 500-1600 mm 700-1800 mm 750-1950 mm
Max armature weight 2500 kg 4000 kg 5000 kg
Number of bars 0-999 0-999 0-999


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