ICM-3 Automatic Insulation Creasing and Cutting Machine

The ICM range of Double Creasing Machines are designed for the production of slot liners and slot closures from all types of insulation material such as Elephantide, Presspan, Mylar etc.

The ICM-3 is a fully automatic creasing and cutting machine for the production of slot insulations from all current insulation materials. In principle operates the same way as with the ICM-2a but it has an automatic cutter.

The ICM-3 can be provided with a side table for subsequent cuffing as with the ICM-2a.

The ICM-3 is supplied with spindle and side plates for holding the rolls of insulation and is provided with alignment for centralising the roll, according to the width.

The control panel incorporates a preset counter for setting the number of pieces required to be cut automatically, a thumb wheel counter for setting the required length in mm and push buttons to set for manual or automatic operation with the appropriate indicator lights.

The cut pieces fall down a chute into an appropriate receptacle (not provided).

Time saved by the automatic machine is seldom appreciated until the machine is installed in the workshop. Many customers say it is the best time-saving machine they have ever installed.

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