WHSCC-01 Stator Coil Cut Off Machine

​For fast and efficient coil cut off No damage to the stator Electrically driven For stators diameter up to 600 mm Different blade diameters and types available.

Quick and effortless removal of the heads of stator coils.

Key features:

  • Stator clamped internally or externally and automatically centered
  • 2-speed motor
  • Manual cutting height adjustment
  • Maximum stator outside diameter 600mm
  • Stators can be clamped externally for OD up to 280mm or internally for motors with a bore up to 310mm
  • Comprising special self-centering stator clamp which is rotated as the stator head is cut. hand crank adjustment for cut-off motor height
  • Stator cutting height up to 425 mm (distance from clamping surface to maximum cutting height)
  • Excellent method to cut-off the end windings of stators prior to extraction

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