GLP2-ce Medial Leakage Tester

For testing the leakage current of medical equipment to standards EN 60990 + EN 60601

  • all-purpose tester for all kinds of electric medical products
  • tester with patient connections incl. the simulation of all fault conditions
  • tester for medical leakage current test according to international standards
  • very simple test program generation - ideal for complex medical products
  • with optional 1MHz-peak value detector
  • single test with a large display of the test values
  • pictures can be displayed during the visual check
  • graphic curve display of the test values for the time
  • additional analog inputs and outputs
  • additional digital inputs and outputs
  • freely programmable additional processes for outputs and inputs and completely free script programming
  • high-resolution color graphic display with a resolution of 800*480 pixel and touch functionality
  • integrated 1GB-storage for test programs and a 3GB-storage for test results
  • data storage on a USB flash-drive
  • statistical evaluation is already integrated
  • several label printers can be connected via LAN - central storage of the label layout in the network
  • can also be operated via PC-keyboard and mouse
  • Ethernet, WLAN, USB, CAN and serial interfaces
  • remote control via Ethernet/WLAN via SCPI-standard commands
  • scanning of arbitrary 1D- and 2D-barcodes
  • optimum OEM-preconditions | integration in automatic, linked lines
  • can be maintained and calibrated by remote control

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