Vacuum Pressure Impregnation/ Vacuum Impregnation

‚ÄčLarge range of Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Systems
From small systems to very large VPI plants
Latest technology used
Excellent value varnish also supplied for first fill
Different automation levels available
Vacuum Impregnation (VI) available without pressure

VPI is a well proven process and systems are supplied for all sectors of the electrical and electronic industries.

Whitelegg supplied systems are well known for:

  • Superb plant design
  • Up to date process control

Techniques are constantly evolving in line with the needs of electrical designers and new insulation materials. Random wound low voltage machines may impregnate successfully with vacuum only techniques, but for form wound and higher voltage machines a pressure cycle is essential. We have the control that you and your plant requires.

Assimilation of new technologies

Design and manufacture takes full advantage of the latest in insulation materials and impregnants. For example the design of railway traction motors continues to be aimed at greater output combined with a reduction in size and weight and nowhere has the advent of new materials been more evident.


From the Compact series with work chamber diameters from 300mm diameter to plants for high voltage machines with work chambers in excess of 5 meters diameter. Larger plants may be vertical or horizontal. The range includes plant for processing solid type paper insulated power cables, oil or gas filled cables, paper insulated and co-axial type telecom cables and for pre-drying and pre impregnation of cable papers.

Control Systems

All plant is available with fully automated process control based on industrial PLC or PC/PLC systems. Manual or semiautomatic sequence controlled systems are also available. Data acquisition systems are custom designed to suit requirements.

Ready Assembled Plants

These systems are pre-piped, pre-wired and assembled on a steel base ready for commissioning on site. Some standard sizes are:

SizeInternal tank dia.Cylinder heightMax resin capacityMax impreg, heightVacuum pump m3/hourPlant heightPlant widthPlant depth
VPI0708700mm800mm300 litres700mm20 1600mm2200mm1100mm
VPI10121000mm1200mm950 litres1000mm100 2300mm3500mm1300mm
VPI12121200mm1200mm1400 litres1000mm1002300mm3900mm1500mm
VPI12151200mm1500mm1750 litres1250mm1002600mm3900mm1500mm
VPI15121500mm1200mm2200 litres1000mm2002300mm4500mm1700mm
VPI15151500mm1500mm2800 litres1250mm2002600mm4500mm1700mm
VPI15251500mm2500mm4400 litres2250mm2003600mm4500mm1700mm
VPI20152000mm1500mm5000 litres1250mm2002700mm5500mm2200mm
VPI20202000mm2000mm6500 litres1750mm2003100mm5500mm2200mm

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