IBH Bearing Heaters

IBH Mains Frequency Induction Bearing Heaters for the controlled expansion of bearings, couplings, gears, tubes and other interference-fit components in production assembly shops and plant maintenance departments. 4 and 14 kW versions available

Plug-in, switch on, items ready for fitting in seconds or minutes.

For operator and for work place. Only the bearing or component heats. Eliminates risks of mechanical damage associated with other methods. 110 volt models available for site use.

No contamination, clean environment, no fumes.

Heater easily taken to assembly location. Complete mobile heating work stations offered.

A single heater can handle all your beating and component size.

Temperature controlled (optional):
Safeguards against overheating and controls amount of expansion

Time controlled (optional):
For repetitive work. Audio and light signals (optional) to alert fitter when item is ready.

Saves costs, increases productivity
Low energy consumption. no consumable or servicing costs. Reduces assembly labour costs and improves quality of fitting work hence reduces likelihood of early machine failure.

Standard range:
Covers all requirements from the smallest bearing to components over 600mm (24”) diameter.

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