Case Studies

Birkenhead Engineer's Success with Baker Testing

ESTABLISHED in 1978 by the current management team and now employing over 60 personnel, M R Engineering has evolved into a 'one stop shop' for electrical and mechanical engineering, servicing customers throughout the North West of England. These range from pharmaceutical, glass, general engineering, food and utilities.

Focus on Motor Test and Repair

M R Engineering's Motor Repair department is headed up by Mr Derek Rooney, who joined the company in 1983. His department offers in-depth experience and expertise within the field of AC/DC Motor Repairs. This specialist test, repair, rewind and overhaul functions are supported by MR's machine shop facilities, mechanical services and in house balancing facilities.

Advanced Monitoring and Testing

The Baker Explorer tester is in the front line of Derek's work. This machine monitors running motors direct from the motor control cabinet (MCC) via a low voltage, external socket.

Essentially the unit monitors voltage and current and then computes motor speed and torque to a high accuracy. Because the instantaneous torque is considered even mechanical problems with load can be found. The Baker is able to indicate input and output power of the motor and percentage load and percentage efficiency so making it a valuable aid to the reduction of energy costs.

Derek was first introduced to the Baker tester a few years ago by Whitelegg Machines, Baker's agents for the UK and Ireland. Following three training and technical upgrade courses at Baker's Fort Collins headquarters in Colorado, USA, he has now a unique specialism within the company for the testing and monitoring of clients' motors.

A most valuable feature of the tester is its capability to run initial reports on a motor and then again when the motor is repaired/ serviced so enabling clients to have a completely certified comparison of each individual motor's operation. Derek is certain that this aspect has enabled him to win major business for MR.

Amongst others, MR Engineering is responsible for monitoring motors for United Utilities across the region and via The Boulting Group he works closely with the Environment Agency monitoring and testing flood control pumps at critical locations in the NW.

As an extension Derek has established his own dedicated web site to the operation of the Baker Explorer

Whitelegg Machines have represented Baker (an SKF Company) in the UK for more than twenty years, providing technical sales, training, after sales service and calibration.